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7th - Air Travel

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Are air fares to Africa predictable?


Social Studies Class

Part 1:

  1. Using Kayak find out the cost for an ADULT one way trip airfare from Charlotte to the airport nearest your city.  
    You must travel on Saturday, June 14th so our prices will be consistent. 
  2. You can pick any flight that you would like.  If two flights have the same price but one has a shorter time, you should pick the shorter time. 
  3. Find the total time that you will travel via airplane.  You do this by clicking the DETAIL button of your selected flight.
  4. Enter your information on the Air Travel Form

Stop here.



Math Class - PWT

Part 2:  Once all of the data is entered

  1. Open the Air Travel GDoc. 
  2. Duplicate your own page, name it your INITIALS.  Do this by clicking the arrow on the bottom of the sheet.  If you need additional help please do not ask another student as they are trying to work as well, please visit the Technology Help Page on the wiki.
  3. Create a scatter plot of the flight length (x) versus the airfare (y) in Google Docs. 
    1. To create a scatter plot, you must select the data in both columns. 
    2. Then, hit insert, chart.
    3. Please label both axes and make a title for your graph. 
  4. Do the airfare and flight length seem related?


Part 3:  Alcula

Copy the data points into the Linear Regression calculator.  

Answer the following questions on your GDoc page.

  1. What is the line of best fit?
  2. What is the correlation coefficient?
  3. How much does the airfare increase per each hour of flight time?
  4. What does the y-intercept mean in this equation? 


Graph from Plot.ly



Please answer these questions in your math graph book.  

  1. Talk about the correlation of this line of best fit.
  2. List any outliers. 
  3. What is y-intercept of this line?
  4. Write the slope of this line (include units).
  5. Tell the story of the slope in words.
  6. A 45 hour flight to Africa will cost you about how much?
  7. If you had only $1000 to spend, how long would you expect your flight to take (according to the line of best fit). 
  8. Explain why or why this does not appear to be a good line of best fit for airfare and travel time to Africa.  Where does the line of best fit work the best?
  9. Please write down anything else you notice or any further observations you have.


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