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Coding Creations

Page history last edited by Julie Reulbach 10 years, 3 months ago

Please add a link to your creation here!  Or, you can take a screenshot of what you created and add it as a picture.  Don't forget to title your creation and add your name.  


This page is for everyone to edit so PLEASE hit save before you are finish.  Also, please do not "steal the lock" unless the person has been editing for more than 30 minutes.




Flappy Birds Tutorial


This is my Christmas greeting card that I made on Khan Academy


I call it the Stocking by Campbell Lindquist ( the white thing is a bow, ZACH) 






These are most of the things I made. (By the way this is wilder berl)


Here’s a screen shot of one!


Here's Mine!  Zac Churchill


This is my first program, I call it Hank Rules the World



This is my leprechaun face. It is my first attempt at coding. I also made a monster. This was my second creation, which was a little better. -Jack Hager 


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