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Amelia W

Page history last edited by Amelia Wyatt 9 years, 4 months ago

Welcome to my MathWiki!

                                    Welcome all math-lovers. I love math because                                                                                                                                          discovering the patterns and rules of math is so fun to do in class!

                                                                 Algebra and Fractions are my favorite math-related thing to do.



                                            Barbie Bungee






Our Doll:


Name: Firecracker

Nickname: Katniss, because she is the girl on fire

Height: 11.75 inches





Data: (in graph form)


                                                                       ( x axis is the inches; the y axis is the rubber bands) 


Link to barbie bungee video:



          Go Firecracker Co, Crush, Fatal attraction, Muffin Mas, and Dumb Blondes!       







          Graphing Project!



  Un-electronic one 







 Electronic one 





                            link to the electronic one: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/wevjsoa7fi






                                                 MISLEADING GRAPHS





and I firstly found the information by:


or the kind of original:




                         by the way I couldn't get the title on the blank bar to show up on Google Docs, but the title should be NOW 


















                   Though, the day graphed was an outlier to most my days. (Usually I see my family much more, and have a longer dinner)


My DREAM CAR: McLauren PI Fluorescent Purple- $1,150,000 

Total Cost= $1,380,891.25

Interest= $144641.25

Monthly Payment for 5 years= $19179.05





 My Realistic Car:   2014 MAZDA3 i Sport 5-Door - $21,090 

 Total Cost=$25324.34

 Interest= $2652.59

 Monthly Payement for 5 years= $351.73 










                                                                                     ( the math to show it equals 12) 










GCF and LCM  link:




I hope all of you guys like it! 




                                         MATH JOKES!








                            In honor of Mr.Jones (M Jiggles) 





















 The Chronicles of Le Bleu the crayfish: Part 1





Chapter One


“No, please,stop!” I cried out,but the huge claw-things kept coming. Trying to create time to evaluate the situation, I scuttled under the closest rock. Effortlessly, the claw-things picked up the rock and lunged at me. Then caught me. Thrashing and pinching madly in the tan,soft claws of this beast, I used my last bit of energy to lunge into the only water I could see. Landing hard, I swam diagonally only to run into a huge,clear wall, and slowly sink toward the bottom of the cube of water, as everything went dark.



Chapter Two


When I awoke, everything was different. I was in another cube of water with plastic sides, and around me, scattered plants dotted the orange,gravel ground. Delicious snacks of snails and small fish surrounded me, and two black fish swam cooly near the top of the water. Outside, bags with fish and words on them were in neat aisles. According to the signs, I was in a ‘PETCO’, whatever that meant. Deciding to worry about it later, I scoured around the bottom of the water, searching for something to eat. Eventually, I found a brown-pellet looking thing that smelled good. I decided to try it, and the power  of the shrimp-taste hit me in the face like a boxing glove: it was delicious. 


After finishing the food, I decided to figure out where I was. “Hey,you up there!’’ I shouted out. The larger of the two black fish stared down coldly  at me.  “ Where am I?’’, I asked him. As if he never heard me, the black fish kept swimming. “ Hey! Where am I !”, I shouted again, this time much angrier. “ Hey Joey, you hear that?”, asked the smaller of the two black fish. “ What?’’ replied Joey, the larger black fish. “ That weird noise, the annoying one.’’ “Ahh, yes,now I hear it too’’, answered Joey “What are you guys talking about?”, I bursted out, frustrated about what they were talking about. “ We’re talking about you, squirt, so shut up,’’ replied Joey, the larger black fish. “Excuse me?’.’ “ Excuse yourself, squirt.” “Don’t call me squirt.”  “Oooh,I’m so scared of little squirty!’’, taunted Joey as he swam down toward me. “Well, Joey,back at my home I ate fish like you for snack!’’ “ Is that so?” “Duh” “Prove it then!’’ “Fine!’’ Quickly I started circling Joey. Soon, every fish in the tank encompassed us, choosing sides between me and Joey. Only one purple fish stood by my side. Replying to Joey’s smug face with a who-cares-face, I lunged at him.Fast as lightning, he moved out of my way, but not fast enough for me to grab part of his tail. Joey thrashed as madly as a bull, forcing me to cling on like an amateur bull rider. I slowly climbed up his back, past his belly, and finally to the base of his neck, and squeezed with my claws. Joey flipped and pounded me into the ground, causing me to go limp long enough to get a free punch in the face from him. Blood gushed everywhere, looking like red puffs of smoke. Using the blood to my advantage, I sneaked up behind Joey and swung my claws at his head. He crumpled to the ground.


As I started to walk away, I noticed all the fish were hiding; looking very scared.  Hey, I told him not to call me squirt, and he didn’t listen. I thought, but then I noticed they weren’t looking at me, but behind me. When I turned around, I saw the huge,tan claw thing again at the top of the water.


Chapter Three

I thought my day couldn’t get any worse: getting taken away from my home and then getting in a fist- fight with a huge, black fish. I was wrong. 


When I saw the tan claws again, I immediately ran, but ended up in a blue net. The blue net rapidly rose, up and up, until we broke the surface. Only for a couple seconds was I without air, then was plunked into a bag of water. Carefully the bag rose, and then it started to move, away from my brand new ‘home’, into other aisles. I looked up and just about had a heart attack.  Smaller, tan claw things were holding my bag of water, and the hand were attached to a body! More bodies were all around me, each one different: some were young and had freckles with short, red curls, others had hair as white as snow, and sweet smiles to match. I was surrounded, with no way to escape.  Freaking out, I started pinching at the walls, but got no farther away from the bag as when I started. 


Eventually, the thing moved out of the ‘PETCO’, and into some strange contraption that had four black circles on the bottom and some weird seats on top. According to the thing, it was called a car. Soon we were in the car,moving so quickly everything outside was a blurr. The thing had a mother, who was in the front of the car, twisting a circle back and forth. 


We arrived at a huge house of wood, and strolled inside. Instead of the inside being covered in water and plants as usual wood pieces do, the wood was hollowed out, and had tables and flowers inside. Beautiful decorations of Autumn were at every corner of the home, and the smell of baking and pumpkins danced around my antenna. It was sweet and welcoming, and didn’t look like the disaster of homes I usually see predators live in. Two more bodies, or as they were called by the body holding my bag, bros, ran up the stairs into a mystery of land. Maybe they won’t hurt me, I thought, but still kept on high alert. The body that carried me from the PETCO was filling a plastic cube with water, and was opening fake plants at the same time. When she came closer, I noticed she didn’t look as evil as I thought, but rather sweet looking, with long, light chocolate hair and deep brown eyes.  


She grabbed the bag I was in carefully, and stuck me in the cube of water she just filled. Before I knew it, I was out of the bag, and was rewarded a delicious pellet of food. For about a week I was in that home of wood. It was nice, but all the bodies I learned were called humans freaked me out. Only two who were okay: the one with light,chocolate hair, Amelia, and her mother, Edna.


One day early in the morning, after Amelia feed me,the strangest thing happened. My home was lifted, and put into a red bucket. I was carried out,free of my will, into a car. A human held me the whole way from the car to another home-place, where the human was dropped off. Water swished and spun in my home, not allowing me to see clearly where I was. Soon the bucket was slowly dropped to the floor, and I was finally taken out of the bucket only to find myself in a room. The walls were partly covered in pictures, and  black tables were in two rows of two tables. Another table was hidden in a corner, with papers and other stuff all over it. There was a human behind the desk, apparently called Mrs.Denham. Soon I was on a black desk attached to the wall, and was given food. Amelia tried to cox me to come out of hiding under my rock, but I decided not to coefficient with her. 


After a couple minutes or so, Amelia came back in the room, but with a bunch of humans with her. The humans set down other animals next to me, a hermit crab to my right and…. another crayfish to my left. The crayfish was the color of dirty mud and clay, and was a slightly larger than me. It looked as though he just molted: his exoskeleton was at the edge of the tank and he was hidden fairly well. Usually I’d fight him to the death for territory, but fighting a just-molted crayfish was the highest level of cowardice to crayfishes. Tomorrow I’ll fight him, I thought, right before I decided to sleep for the day.


When I woke up, it was night. The crayfish next to me was out of his hiding spot, eating right next to my tank. “Boo.” I whispered. The crayfish shot away from me faster than a bullet. “What the heck,man!” the crayfish shouted, as I laughed my head off.  He tried to attack me but ended up running straight into the wall. 

“That’s pretty bad.” I told him, holding back the urge to bust out laughing, but doing a very bad job at it. “At least I’m not the one who looks like the sky puked on me.” the crayfish retorted. “ Yeah, but at least I’m not the one who ran into a wall.” “Give me a break, one minute I’m in my home, next minute,bam! I’m stuck in this thing with no way out and frozen shrimp to eat.” he complained “Same here, but you don’t see me running into walls.” “Oh, just be quiet.”  “OK Mr., what’s your name?’’ I asked “Noah” he replied. “Seriously?” “Seriously,you?” “Le Bleu.” “And you though my name was --” “Hey, my name is cool, yours is weird.” I interrupted “Is not!” “Is too!” “Whatever man, nice to meet you.” said Noah  “You too.”


Chapter Four


The next day I talked to Noah again, and found out he was actually a cool crayfish. He was living in a creek around here until yesterday, when he was captured by a human named Tyler. Unless he was making this up, which I don’t think he did because of his battle scars, Noah was a really tough crayfish who grew up in the tougher parts of the creek. He wouldn’t elaborate too much, but mentioned fighting  two three- foot bass assailants when he was young and that his parents had been killed by humans somehow. We talked for hours on end, as if we already knew each other. Eventually we dared each other to go to the front of the tank, and we did, laughing and talking the whole way there.


We didn’t have to, but Noah and I became best friends. Even though we were in seperate tanks, we’d race each other, see whos rock creation was cooler,and most of all, hang out. Every day when the groups of humans came we’d see who’d stay the longest in plain view, and do all sorts of crazy other dares. He was really witty and funny, and always made me laugh. Even when we went to a room called the art room, everything would seem less dreary. Days didn’t seem to go by slow enough,and before we knew it, there was word about the animals being put back. Noah and I didn’t take it seriously until on Thursday we heard the human Mrs. Denham announce that tomorrow the humans would put back their animals.

“Noah, we have to do something before they take us away.” “Agreed, but what?” “I don’t know.” “Maybe like an escape plan?” Noah suggested. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. “ Yeah, exactly like an escape plan: I’ve got an idea.”  




Used vocabulary words- 

Evaluate (verb), to judge or determine the significance, worth, or quality of; assess: to evaluate the results of anexperiment.

Power (verb) ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.

Base(noun) the bottom support of anything; that on which a thing stands or rests: a metal base for the table.

Coefficient (adjective) acting in consort; cooperating.












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Dina Clemente said

at 10:11 pm on Oct 18, 2013

Hello! Look at my colorful page! Yours is so cool! The Chronicles of Le Bleu the Crayfish! Love it!

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I love your comment about patterns Amelia! That's my favorite part of math too! :)

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Funny jokes!!! Hilarious! ;)

Amelia Wyatt said

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Thanks guys!

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I love your wiki page, especially your animal story. Your a tort is SUPER cute and funny!

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your monster is so cute!!!

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Nice page funny pictures too.

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Your page rocks! Love it!

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I LOVE YOUR JOKES!!! Especially snakes on a plane! Go MJ!!

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love your math jokes! your animal story is still really awesome!

Dina Clemente said

at 7:47 pm on Dec 10, 2013

YOUR PAGE IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!! Dunkin Donuts controversy... love it! But let's talk real, "whoever made the prices for the munchkins and donuts, failed 6th grade math." once said the great MRS. REULBACH!!! Duh duh duuuunnnn!!!!!!!

angelika skye freeman said

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best jokes ever XD , leo is adorable

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A FLORESENT car! let me repeat that... A FLORESENT CAR! Your page is great I really like it. :)

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I want your car it's so col

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It looks like Pitbull (the singer) is leaning on your dream car (he's wearing white and he's on the right side)…

Julie Reulbach said

at 9:56 pm on Mar 24, 2014

Your owl is so beautiful!!

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