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Page history last edited by Campbell Lindquist 6 years, 8 months ago

                                                                                      Welcome to my Math Page

                                                                                                                                                      (Math reuls!)

                                                       Personally I love math! Its awesome because their's so many ways to do a problem but their is only one right answer





Cannoli the Roly Poly’s


First Day at School




                                                                                               By: Campbell Lindquist





“Omg girl! That first day of school was way hard!” Cannoli exclaimed turning to her friend Doly. Cannoli was the type of Roly Poly who made hand motions with every word she said. Doly was the brains in the team of two. “ What did you think was the hardest part?” Doly asked raising her antenna questioningly. “ Definitely math, how am I supposed to remember that the base is the big number at the bottom, that a variable is just a fancy way of saying a letter, and what an exponent is?” Cannoli fumed throwing her hands in the air as if to say, “What gives?” Doly laughed as Cannoli raged on about their math teacher and how hard the class was. “Instead of laughing, you should really be helping me. You're the smart one!” Cannoli insisted turning her gaze toward Doly. “Don’t you look at me like that!” Doly screeched. “You know I can't think when you give me those eyes!” Cannoli watched her friend brainstorm and she could practically see a light bulb go off above her head. “ I got it!” Doly cheered. “ You're the one who is constantly singing and humming, so I made a song about math! This one is about the terms in math that start with “s” ” As Doly warmed her vocal cords with soft hums Cannoli was already daydreaming about getting an A on the first math test and the surprised look on both her math teacher and her parents faces.  “Okay, here it is” Doly paused for dramatic effect. She knew how to get Cannoli’s attention. “ Ahem,” Doly cleared her throat one more time and Cannoli waited with anticipation. “ Scientific notationclap clap clap. Subscriptclap clap clap. Superscriptclap clap clap.Simplifyclap clap clap. And substituteclap clap clap” And with that Doly leaned forward into a ball and presented a perfect somersault. Then popped backup and for the finale jazz antenna! Doly glanced at Cannoli and couldn't help notice the strange expression on her friends face. “ What?!” Doly asked impatiently clearly hurt and annoyed. “ Its just, Its just,” Cannoli stammered letting out a strange giggle that sounded more like an injured cat,” It’s just I don’t know whether to laugh at how ridiculous that was, cry because I know I will fail my first math test, or hug you because you truly are the best friend a poly could ask for!” Cannoli blubbered. “Well I choose the third one,” Doly said and wrapped her fourteen legs around her BFF. “When we get back to my crack in the cement I will help you with some math equations.” Cannoli smiled as the two polys crawl inside Dollys house. As they walk up to Dolys room they pass by Dolys older brothers room,Guacamole. Suddenly the girls hear a sound that made their exoskeletons craw. Cannoli couldn’t help but peek her head inside the room. At his desk Guacamole sat doing his midterm paper.Guacamoles exoskeleton was unearthly shade of brown, like he had not slept for days. Cannoli took her head out of the room and gave an uneasy glance toward Doly who looked just as frightened. “ I bet those term papers,like, are so hard!” Canolli said sympathetically. Doly nodded and the girls continued down the crack to her room. When they finally got to Doly’s room Cannoli started to evaluate how much an A on math really meant to her. She decided that she would rather do something more fun than study all night. “ Doly, lets study later. What can we do now? I’m in the mood for FUN!”  After giving Cannoli a look of disapproval about not wanting to study Doly came up with a fun thing to do. “ How about we make a play?” Doly asked moving her antennas around dramatically. “Ohh, that’s perfect!” Cannoli exclaimed, “ Lets start with costumes” Cannoli moved her antina the same way Doly had before. “ Oh Cannoli, work first then play. Lets start with the script” Doly insisted. Cannoli finally gave in. “ With your smarts were gonna have a super awesome script!” Cannoli rejoiced. The two polys came up with many great ideas for what the play should be about and Doly wrote them all down. In the end they couldn't pick between a list of plots. “ Let me read out what we have and we can pick after I read them” Doly suggested. Cannoli nodded her head in approval. “ Alright, number one: Two average Roly Polys find a flaw in the way scientific notation works and that makes them famous world wide. Number two: Two average Roly Polys drink a magic formula. One gets the superpower to expand as far as she wants and the other gets to distribute happiness throughout the world. Number three: Two co workers work so efficiently together that they start a business and end up ruling the world!” Cannoli sighed. “ I’m terrible at math so the first one is a no go, the second one makes no sense, so I guess I like the third one” Cannoli advised. “Count me in!”  Guacamole blurted out coming into Doly’s room. “ Okay its settled we will be three co workers and work so efficiently together that and start a business and end up ruling the world,” Doly rejoiced. “ With no math!” Cannoli chimed in and they all burst into a fit of giggles.      






Exponent-repeated multiplication. *


Base-the big number at the bottom. *


Power-exponent. *


Expanded Form- write out all the factors*.


Scientific Notation- a way of writing very large or very small numbers using a number between one and ten multiplied by a power of ten.*


Superscript-* an exponent (written up high) in the sky like Superman\Superscript! *


Evaluate-* find a value.


Subscript-* like a super script but below the big number Distribute-*


Simplify-* to reduce the numerator and the denominator in a fraction to the smallest number possible.


Term- *a single number, a variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together.


Like Term- *"Like terms" are terms whose variables (and their exponents such as the 2 in x2) are the same.


Coefficient- The number multiplied by the variable


Variable- A symbol for a number we don't know yet. It is usually a letter like x or y. A variable can change.


Constant-* A fixed value. In algebra, a constant is a number on its own, or sometimes a letter such as a, b or c to stand for a fixed number. If it is not a constant it is called a variable.


Substitute-* In algebra "Substitution" means putting numbers where the letters are. *


Expression-*Numbers, symbols and operators (such as + and ×) grouped together that show the value of something.


Equation-*An equation says that two things are the same, using mathematical symbols.







                                                                                                    Funny math jokes!



Link to my LCM-GCF page: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12nB85r3R3FrQXeubShJxBNkURw-gd-QhfWOCcDTzjK0/edit




                                                                           PATTERN BLOCK PROJECT!


                                                                 (My pattern block prima ballerina!) 












                                                                           Car Project


Realistic car price: $19883







My dream car is about 23,990


a black limo costs: 8,990

a high quality paint job: 15,000

the driver per month would cost 80640 per month 



the inside would look like























               Campbell's Population Project




1.)My line of best fit is not linear.

2.) I think my graph shows that the population goes up over time. I think that is because more people immigrated over, or as the population grew people had more babies therefor the population grows over time. 





Comments (21)

Wilder B. said

at 4:13 pm on Oct 22, 2013

Good job!

AbigailW said

at 4:38 pm on Oct 22, 2013

I love it Campbell!

Megan said

at 5:16 pm on Oct 22, 2013

I love that the Roly Poly’s name is Cannoli <3

Axel Lindquist said

at 7:24 pm on Oct 22, 2013

awesome name for roly poly

Mayella Strodel said

at 7:48 pm on Oct 22, 2013

love it campbell good job

Carly Bromstead said

at 8:02 pm on Oct 22, 2013

love it!! Great job!! :)

Vivian Moore said

at 8:21 pm on Oct 22, 2013

I Love your story! It is so cute that the roly poly is named cannoli

Morgan said

at 8:36 pm on Oct 22, 2013

love the name for your roly poly!!! :)

Ally Fleming said

at 10:04 pm on Oct 22, 2013

love it!!! good job!!!!♥

Julie Reulbach said

at 10:13 pm on Oct 22, 2013

Hahahaha! Love the 50% off. Great page!

Ashley H. said

at 7:00 am on Oct 23, 2013

Cambell This is great! I wuv ur pagee!

Campbell Lindquist said

at 7:00 am on Oct 23, 2013

Thanks you guys!

Grace Evans said

at 7:44 am on Oct 23, 2013

I love your jokes, and I had a roly poly last year!

Campbell Lindquist said

at 8:23 pm on Oct 24, 2013

My favorite picture is the wizard one! So funny!

Julie Reulbach said

at 9:20 pm on Oct 24, 2013

Are you a wizard? Seriously. Hilarious.

Leila W. said

at 11:12 am on Nov 15, 2013

I love the prima ballerina

Cole Rogers said

at 4:43 pm on Jan 20, 2014

That pink car is awesome! I want one

Amelia Wyatt said

at 10:20 pm on Jan 21, 2014

Oh my gosh. That is the most perfectly amazing limo ever! Wow!

jesse jacobson said

at 8:53 pm on Jan 23, 2014

OMG girl pink limo is like totally heaven! I could definitely see you crusin in one of those!

Dina Clemente said

at 1:28 pm on Feb 23, 2014

LOVE YOUR CAR! (even though pink's not my color. Make a green one, then I'd faint ;)

Julie Reulbach said

at 5:28 pm on Mar 21, 2014

Ok, SOUPer impressed that you already have both your IRL graph pic AND your Desmo's graph on here! Awesome.

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