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Page history last edited by Cole Rogers 6 years, 8 months ago

Welcome to Cole's Math Wiki!!  

I like Math because at first it is confusing but when you understand it you get all excited.

My favorite thing to do in Math is Fractions.








   Pill Buster and the Haunted House







                         Joe the Pillbug was minding his own business on one breezy October evening. He could feel the cold, brown, soil under his legs as he was scurrying through the grass. Joe just finished trick or treating and he got lots of candy. He was on his way home to go boast to his brothers and  sisters how much candy he got. But he was getting tired, his bag of candy felt like it was getting heavier and heavier. He fell down at the base of a tree. He looked up at the tree and there he saw a tiny door. A wide grin like expression appeared on his face. He dropped his bag of candy and went over to the door. Surprisingly the door was unlocked. He climbed through the door and it closed with a thump behind him. The interior looked like dark and gloomy all the furniture was gray and other dark colors. There was a closet next to the door and Joe decided to check it out.


                     Inside the closet was a cool looking backpack. He put it on his back, it was heavy. He looked inside and saw a giant , gray , metal , cylinder. on the side it said ‘’ GhostSucker9000.’’ A tube ran out from the cylinder and went through a hole in the backpack. On the outside was a little switch that could turn the sucker on and off. The excited pillbug shut the pack and put it on his back. ‘’Cool’’ he thought ‘’ now I have the power to suck ghosts!’’ He shut the closet door and looked around. He thought he should go upstairs as he was walking up their stairs the ground started to shake. The carpet on the stair lifted and slanted down. Joe slid down the stairs in confusement. Then he saw it. Joe was so surprised he could of had fainted.


                       One shimmering, red, medium sized, ghost floating in the air at the top of the stairs. Exponentially two more joined in. They had beady, red, eyes with sharp, white, talons. Their mouth s were filled with sharp fangs. They started speeding down the stairs ready to attack. Joe did the only thing his mind told him to, flip the switch. The next moment the the last ghosts lower half was in the sucker and the front slowly going closer into the tube. Then the ghosts were gone.


                        Joe kept constantly thinking about the ghosts and when they might attack again. But he started to think about food. He crawled down the dark hall and finally found the kitchen door. But he could not get in because the door was locked. But on the door there was a code panel. He had to figure out a four digit number to get in. He started to think of school with all the variables  and simplifying fractions and stuff .  The n he looked up and saw numbers on the ceiling. Joe tried to evaluate the numbers in his head. The numbers were 2 , 4 , 3 , 1. He tried them in order but that did not work but then he substituted the 2 with the 1 and the 3 with a 4. The door unlocked. He walked into the kitchen and saw 20 ghost gathered around a table distributing food to each other, they looked at Joe and grinned.  TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Base: the number that  is going to be raised to a power


Expression: numbers, and symbols grouped together to show the value of something


Power: shows how many times to use the number in multiplication


Exponent: shows how many times to use the number in multiplication


Constant: a quantity having a fixed value that does not change


Variable: a symbol of a number you don’t know yet


Simplify: to reduce numerator the and denominator in a fraction to the smallest number possible


Evaluate: to calculate the value of


Substitute: when you take something out and put something else in


Distribute: multiplying a number is the same multiplying its addends by the number


Link to my LCM GCF project. CLICK BELOW.



Dream Car:

2013 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray  Price: $51,000

Sales Tax: $3,825

Interest: $5,967

Total Amount of Car: $60,792

Monthly Payments: $1,013


Practical Car:

2014 Nissan Altima Sedan price: $22,110

Sales Tax: $1,658

Interest: $2,587

Total Amount of Car: $26,355

Monthly Payments: $439











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Hank Grzeszczak said

at 5:08 pm on Oct 22, 2013

john has diabetes

Carly Bromstead said

at 8:46 pm on Oct 22, 2013

hahahahahahahhaha nice page!

Julie Reulbach said

at 10:18 pm on Oct 22, 2013

Love the protractor picture! :)

Dina Clemente said

at 7:01 pm on Oct 28, 2013

Dear Six,

Don't take it personally, seven was probably hungry and he couldn't find food, so he turned into a cannibal. Not to worry, even if he has a evil grin on his face. He didn't mean harm, all he did was eat you!

Amelia Wyatt said

at 9:48 pm on Oct 28, 2013

Your stories AWESOME and AMAZING! Go get those ghost Pill Buster! Funny pictures too, by the way.

Jackie Jewel said

at 11:15 am on Nov 5, 2013

I will be brave. I will put my muffins in the oven at 120 next time.

Dina Clemente said

at 4:10 pm on Jan 21, 2014

I love your dream car and its color, but it looks like an animated picture to me!

Amelia Wyatt said

at 10:22 pm on Jan 21, 2014

I love the dream car, especially the color. One word: awesome

Campbell Lindquist said

at 7:21 pm on Jan 22, 2014

cool beans

jesse jacobson said

at 10:47 pm on Jan 27, 2014

That is an amazing dream car Cole Da Bomd!

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