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Andrew's Awesome Math Wiki

because math is the best









Math Jokes:






















Order of Operations:


{[(A-Qx44/2)1053 -(-5,893)x16]+-43,875+976,436,568478]/A-101xQ}976=?                                    

A=1 Q=243


(2-4+23/786x27.86864545446854484857834587398561039686584) +1=?






(: Have fun!!! :)



This is my awesome animal story.



Finding The Mantis

Andrew Ayer


     We were leaving thebase when the praying mantis attacked. Civilians were scattered. Their expressionsclearly stated horror. The mantis could not hurt us with our thick exoskeletons and hard shells. we had to to help. Apparently Rocky was thinking the same thing because the next thing I heard was, “Luna, we must go help” he rushed into the scene and saw that there was nothing we could do for the mantis already was walking away with a baby cricket in her mouth for dinner.

Rocky and I had both graduated together a year ago and went along to become police together at the same station. Then the mantis escaped. She had been captured many years ago and was in city jail when I came to the station. Little did anyone know she had been evaluatingeverything she heard saw or noticed. one day no one knew what happened but “POOF” she was gone. Ever since then she would appear every Friday and take something or someone with her then would disappear again to who knows where.

“We have to find the mantis” I said to Rocky.

“I think I know where we might find her, in Mrs. Reulbach’s math class.” quickly replied Rocky, to answer my question.

3 Hours Later

     We were in the classroom and Mrs. Reulbach was something along the lines of negativesand scientific notation. There were also signs all around the room with onestep equations, algebraic,expressions, and exponents.  When I was in math class simplifying algebraic expressions had always been my favorite but all that’s for another day.

“The mantis could be anywhere, look for leaves and anything dead.” Rocky whispered to me.

“There are dead leaves over behind the Mac.? Could that be it We quietly scooted over to the hideaway and saw a tunnel in the wall, we crept in and  the mantis was right there.

“We got her,” I quietly radioed the station who would now be here any second. then the mantis saw us blocking her way and couldn’t do anything, she tried to escape but we easily handcuffed her and brought her back outside the truck came and she was brought back to jail and never seen again.






Base,The basis of each place value in a number system.

Expressions, A group of mathematical symbols.

Evaluate, To solve a problem.

Negative, Anything below zero.

Scientific Notation, A way of writing big numbers so that they’re small.

Algebraic Expressions, An expression containing at least one variable

Exponents, Shows the number you multiply the base by itself.

One Step Equations, An equation with one step.

Simplify, To break down the problem.

Order of Operations, The order in which you do a problem.




Math Project


Prime & Composite Numbers:

What is the difference between them? A prime number you can not divide it equally by anything but itself and one. A composite number you can divide equally.


Ex. 3 can only be divided by itself and 1.

Ex.9 can be divided by 3, 1, and itself.




  • Factor: Factors are the number in a multiplication problem that you multiply.

  • Prime Factorization: Prime factorization is finding which numbers multiply to get the original number.

  • Multiple: What you get when you multiply a number with an integer.

  • Greatest Common Factor (GCF): The largest number that divides equally into at least two numbers.

  • Least Common Multiple (LCM): The smallest number that is a multiple between at least two numbers.







In some ways doing GCF and LCM are alike, because in both of them you make a factor tree and write down all of the prime factors. In other ways though it is different, because in GCF instead of multiplying you circle all of them common number. And flip-flop.










Reasonable Car:

Nissan 350-Z Convertible, $19,300 (used)





Completely Unreasonable Dream Cars:






Maserati GranCabrio, $138,000







Ferrari 458 Spyder, $257,000












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