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Welcome to my Math Wiki page! Math is my favorite subject. The reason I like math so much is because, there are different ways to solve something. The is no right way, you find the way that works the best for you.












 Bob’s Adventurous visit to the Store


Ariana Conway

    It was a cold Sunday in, Animaltopia. All of the snails had just woken up to a beautiful day well, almost beautiful except for the piles of snow covering the ground. It was Bobby Junior’s 5th birthday, and Daddy snail, Bob had to head out to the store to buy him a present. But, their door was covered with snow. Bob was determined to go to the store and purchase Bobby’s birthday, present a, Snail Plane. These toys were designed for young snails who dream of being a Snail Plane pilot. Bob stood in front of the door and slid back, then went forward as fast as he could,, and used his power to push the front door open. Now, he faced another problem. He was standing face to face with snow that was piled higher than him. “Well, I can not make this snow disappear, but I can simplifythe amount of snow,” he said. Then he went into the closet by the  front door and pulled out a Snail Vacuum. He then placed the vacuum on top of his shell, turned it on, and let it suck-up some of the snow. Now it was pretty easy to make it out of the house. He placed the vacuum down and headed on his way to the store.


  Bob was going on his way when came across Mr.Puffy, their caterpillar friend. “Hey, what are you doing out here in the cold snow on Bobby Junior’s birthday?,” yelled Mr.Puffy from his doorstep. “I have to buy him a present,” Bob replied. “Well let him know that I hope he has a great birthday,” said Mr.Puffy. “Sure will, thanks!,” Bob told him and continued on his way. Bob was starting to cold now. Since he was such a slow mover it took him twice as long. The one thing that did come in handy was his shell. It was about to help him greatly. Animaltopia was a happy environment, most of the time. Unless you run into “Kitty of Terror”, which is basically a cat who is out for any animals he lays his eyes on, especially snails. He is the most feared creature in all of Animaltopia, and now Bob was standing face to face with Kitty of Terror. You should have seen the expression on Bob’s face. He was petrified!  Bob did the only thing he knew how to do, went back into his shell as fast as lightning. All of the other animals were constantly bragging about how fast they are, and that always made Bob feel sad even though he was one of the fastest snails in Animaltopia. Whenever that happened Bob would just say to himself ,”Well, I have a shell.” Now his shell finally came in handy. From the inside of his shell Bob could fell Kitty of Terror sniffing the outside of his shell, but the kitty didn’t want to eat Bob, because she didn’t want to eat a shell. Yuk! Kitty walked away looking for a better meal. Once Kitty of Terror was out of Bob’s sight Bob slowly came out of his shell. “ You just got snailed!,” Bob yelled to the cat. This was a term that all snails use. Bob trudged on through the snow.


  By now he could see the store right before his eyes. This was the biggest store in all of Animaltopia. “Wow,” murmured Bob. It was beautiful. He slid into the store, and the inside was even better than the the outside. He looked over to his left and saw a praying mantis distributing carts for all sizes. Of course Bob took the smallest cart, and headed through the store. He first had to find where the Snail Planes were located. This task didn’t require any exponents, it was quite simple. All Bob had to do was look at the signs above, which clearly stated which isle the snail toys are on. Bob looked at every sign carefully, but it was hard since he is so small, and the signs were so big. After a few minutes he eventually found it. “ Snail toys!,” he yelled, and slid down the aisle. Now he had some evaluating to do. “ How will I find the Snail Planes?,” he sighed. I wouldn’t blame him. There was too much stuff! He then made an equation to help him find the Snail Planes. “ Got it!,” Bob said excitedly. He slid a few feet and landed at the base of the Snail Planes’ pile. He picked one up and went over to the cashier. “What time is it?,” Bob asked. The cashier replied, “ Eleven o’clock.” “ Thanks, and have a nice day!,” Bob said hurriedly.


  Bob was now going as fast as could, he slid right out the door and headed on his way back to the house. He was nearly back to his house when all of a sudden he heard crying. As a brave and helpful snail he had to figure out who was crying. He turned the corner and saw Mr. Puffy’s wife, Athena. Bob slid over to her and asked her why she was crying. Still sniffling she replied, “ Come inside, and I’ll show you what happened.” They went into the Caterpillar residence, and saw a cocoon. “What is that?,” Bob said in exasperation. “ That is Puffy,” she said. He comforted Athena, and said that Puffy wound hatch out of his cocoon, and become a beautiful moth. Bob then left the Caterpillar house and slid back to his house. he went inside, and saw family and friends of Bobby Junior. He realized that they were having a surprise party for Bobby. Bob ducked down, and waited for Bobby Junior to walk through the door. All of a sudden he heard the door open. Everybody stayed silent, until Bobby walked into the kitchen looking for the family. Where is everyone?, he thought to himself. Bobby’s family and friends all jumped out and yelled,”Surprise!” Bobby was overjoyed. That night after everyone returned to their house Bob showed Bobby Junior the present that he bought him. “ A Snail Plane!,” he yelled excitedly. “ Thank you for the best Birthday ever,” he said to Bob. “ Thank you for being the best son,” he replied back. They hugged, and began building the Snail Plane together.






Power-  Shows how many times to use the number in multiplication.


Simplify- To make simpler


 Expression- Consists of one or more variables.


Constant- A number on its own.


Term- A number or a variable.


Distribute- To spread out.


Exponent- A number that shows you how many times the number is to be used in multiplication.


Evaluate- To find the value of.


Equation- Says that two things are the same using mathematical symbols.


Base- The number that is going to be raised to a power.




This is my GCF and LCM project

Click this link to view my project








Pattern Project

We had to make a figure using the 4 types of tiles and make it add up to 20!




Math Jokes











Car Project!



Reality Car-This beetle bug costs:$15,899

Total Cost-$18,951.18

Monthly payment-$315.83






DreamCar-Cost of this motor home is: $109,500

Total Cost-$131,484.86

Monthly Cost-$2191.41




This is my pie chart to show how I spend my day.






This is my bar graph to show what musical instruments are played amongst the 6th grade.








This 3-D pie chart shows the the 6th grade class's favorite seasons.





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