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Ahoy Mates!


Welcome to my Math Wiki Page. Math is SO much fun with Mrs.R as your teacher!! It's so rewarding solving problems and getting it right!!! 


Hi Barbie!! Hi Ken!! Guess what time it is?? It's Barbie Bungee time!!!

    More Updates Later


Why is Pi so special? Yea it's the never ending decimal, but it is SO impractical! Check out Tau or Wau. This year on June 28 let's celebrate Tau day!!!



Vi Hart is my favorite math YouTuber here is some cool stuff from her:


Her Channel Cover                   She Did The Spiral Video We Watched                       Mathematic Cookies !!!!!







                            Dream Car                                                                     Realistic Car







 $257,000 Ferrari                                                                                     $25,000 on ebay                                                                                      After Sales Tax: $276,275                                                                            Price After Sales Tax: $26,875

 Grand Total: $309,290                                                                                 Grand TotaI: $30,087 

 Monthly Payments: $5,155                                                                           Monthly Payments: $501





__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  I


                                                                                                                                                                                                                          \  /

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            | Pictures Farther Down



                                                                                                                                                 (Note this book for Mrs.R)



Here is my Pattern Block Project:

    Leo the Lion

My Animal Story!!:

                                                                      The Catapillar And The Moon 



Neil the caterpillar, woke up on his sun drenched leaf and nibbled on the next leaf up. Then he went down the tall stem of the sunflower plant, that was home to his two brothers Buzz and Mike.  It was a simple life.   First thing in the morning, Buzz always evaluated the Florida weather before he ate some dried leaves with his family.  But one day, a watchful Mike, noticed that Neil was gone! Neil had wondered where all the loud booms that he had heard recently were coming from. He was on a mission to find out.   After making his way down quite a few dry roads, he found a wide piece of asphalt with a huge structure on top of it leaning on a even larger base. Neil climbed onto the big structure . It turned out to be the Space Shuttle. Once he climbed in, he was really tired and found a cozy little nook and slept till morning.


The next morning, he saw people getting inside this room with him.  After watching the people for a while, Neil got bored. He did not know that a huge boost of power would come and lift him off the planet that he lived on.  When the boost came he was completely unprepared for it. Suddenly, he found himself floating through the air and being caught in a dark space. When he got used to floating, some of the nice people gave Neil a bit of lettuce. Back in Florida, Buzz and Mike were worried sick. With much effort, the two caterpillars snuck into NASA’s mission control and figured out Neil was in SPACE.


The next morning, Neil was clueless that he was hurtling towards the International Space Station at millions of miles per second. When he heard his brothers over the intercom ,his expression was priceless. Buzz and Mike tried to simplify the situation for Neil. They explained that the shuttle was flying to the space station to deliver more supplies to the current Astronauts and Cosmonauts. While Neil was floating down to a section of the shuttle the he had not explored, he had a shock! There were other bugs on the space shuttle! There was a praying mantis named Apollo, two snails named Ares and Athena, Zeus the hermit crab, and Iris a caterpillar.


Soon it was dinner time. They distributed food to the humans and animals. After, they all went to bed.The next morning, the bugs gathered around for the daily lesson.  Today the subject was math. The wise snail, Athena taught exponents that day.After class, all the bugs talked and laughed together at lunch. All of a sudden, the bugs felt a jolt. They had docked with the space station. When the bugs decided to come enter the ISS, they heard the people speaking in different language terms. On the station there was a constant babble from the bugs and the humans.  One time, Neil almost went outside the station, but Iris caught him just in time. The next day, it was the day that the bugs had dreaded. It was test day. The people separated the bugs into different containers, so Iris and Neil were in the same container. Together they created a escape plan to bust all the bugs out of the containers and go home. It started with them and Apollo knocking over the containers. Then the latches on the boxes would open and all the bugs would escape and go on the shuttle back home.  It was a difficult equation to get all the bugs out. Everything had to happen at the correct time.


The next hour was extremely hectic. There were bug containers and boxes falling off tables.  Apollo nearly got smooshed!  Everyone floating around not knowing what to do or say. Lucky for the bugs, the shuttle was leaving. Buzz in Mission Control, tells the bugs that if they want to get on the shuttle they are like the variableb, and they need to get on the shuttle in 20 minutes. They needed to find their way to the shuttle, to finish the problem that Buzz gave them.  Sadly, solving the problem took 13 of their 20 minutes, so they made a mad dash to the shuttle after the equation was solved. It felt like time had slowed down exponentially.When they got to the door of the shuttle, they all climbed in and flew back home to planet earth.


When Neil got home, he went straight back to the sunflower.  He started to climb up to the top of the flower and waved excitedly to his brothers.  On top of the flower, he told himself and his brothers,”I will never go into space again! It’s too scary!”  He hoped that all of his new bug friends were doing alright being back in the wild. The happy family shared a huge hug.  Neil went right to bed on his sun drenched leaf, on lovely planet Earth.



evaluate- to solve

base- a number that has an exponent

power- another name for exponet

expression- an equation with no = sign

simplify- make as small as possible

distributed- separate

terms- groupings of coefficients and variables

equation- a problem with a = sign

variable- a letter that represents a value that can change

exponent- the number of times a number is multiplied








 if you dare 

Monster Math Problems


12(3456)+789- 10.0000000001=  






Please help me find Nemo! 


So Thanksgiving and the Hollidays are coming up; here are some math jokes to go along with it!!


Mrs.R: What are your favorite types of pie?

Me: I can't decide between apple pi and pumpkin pi!!:)


" One, two, three... hey 8 where's my adding ornament" says 3 " I think 5 took it to put on her tree ". " Well my number of ornaments won't be 12 this year and that is very bad." "looks like there will only be square root of her when I see that ornament !"


Geometry Time



first some math pics:






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Hello This Is My Wiki

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Monster math!! I love it! :)

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Love your Monster Math and story!

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really cool story

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at 10:27 pm on Jan 21, 2014

Your dream car is so cute and adorable! Nice.

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Let me see what car wins... what a hard question :) I wish my dream car came in pink.

Andrew Ayer said

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jesse your dream car DOES come in pink

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You used both of the cars I suggested.

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You bet

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