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Multi-Purpose Building

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Woodlawn is growing!  Your task is to design a new multi-purpose building for the school (similar to the design of the lodge).  You can choose not only the purposes for this room, but also who the room would be for.  Also, where will your room be located?


Google Doc:

Create a google doc.  Share it with me.  Include:

  1. Title of your building and your name.  
  2. A paragraph describing
    1. Where your building will be
    2. What your building is used for
    3. Who will use your building
  3. A section describe each of your rooms (not bathroom or storage closet) and what is in each room.  
    List the furniture and any special features of your room.
  4. Describe any special features about your building. 



Draw a sketch of the outside of your building on an unlined sheet of paper.  Put the title of your room and your name at the top of this drawing.  


Building requirements:

  1. Maximum of 1000 square feet.  Because of cost requirements you may not go over.  Try to get close to 500 square feet as possible.
  2. Serve at least two purposes (more would be better).
  3. Include a bathroom.
  4. Include a storage closet.
  5. Furnished with about 10 different furniture items.


Next Steps:  Get the worksheet for this part

  • Describe what type of Multi-purpose room will you be designing.  What will it be used for and who will use it?
  • Sketch your room (does not have to be exact, this is the planning phase).  Don’t forget to include the bathroom.
  • What furniture do you plan on putting in your room?  Describe and sketch it on your drawing above.
  • Draw Your Room on graph paper:
  • Please be neat and draw clearly (use a straight-edge).  You need to use floor plan symbols.
  • Use graph paper to draw your room.  Use the scale ¼” = 1 foot.  Draw lightly.
  • Room Dimensions _____________________________________
  • Add your bathroom.  Bathroom Dimensions__________________________
  • Add measurements to the outside of your walls.  Measurements look like this.
  • |----------- 10'-2'--------------| 
  • Add windows and doors to your room on your drawing, include measurements.
  • Add thickness to your outside walls (darken with your pencil).
  • BEFORE you add furniture, write the actual and scale dimensions of your furniture.  When you finish the chart, you may add your furniture to the drawing.



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