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 Welcome to my Math Wiki 

                                                 There are  many different concepts in math and every person likes different ones I like geometry, angles, graphs, and patterns.                                                                                                                             I hope you find something you like on my wiki!





Leila Wilhelm  

“Come on guys wake up you have to go to school you don’t want to miss you quiz on algebraic expressions, scientific notation  and exponets.” said Mama.”I know I studied hard for it.” said Butterscotch one of the baby snails. “Ohh no I forgot to study!” said Butterscotch’s brother Gary. “It’s ok I will help you remember what we did in class.” Butterscotch pulled out her math notebook and opened it to her vocabulary cards.”Ok Gary what is a variable?” “Oh I know this one is it a letter that represents value and can change?” Gary said questioning himself. “Yeah it is good job!” Butterscotch exclaimed giving her brother a high five. “Now what is a coefficient?” “Umm is it a number that is on it’s own?” “No that’s a constant, a  coefficient is the number that goes with the variable.” knock knock knock “Hello anybody home?” It was Galaxy and Pistachio ,Gary and Butterscotch’s friend they all walk to school together. “Oh hey guys we are just going over  some last minute math terms.” Butterscotch said while packing her backpack. “I bet you’ll do great Gary.” Galaxy said trying to comfort his friend. “Thanks Galaxy” said Gary. Along the way to school all of them threw out math vocabulary words for Gary to answer he would miss one a get another one right. “Finally we are here that took forever.”  When they got to the school the twins Swirly and Curly came up to them and said together  “ Ms.Gastro is sick we have a substitute teacher.”  “Oh no what if she cancels the test then I will forget and  I  will  have to study over the weekend.” exclaimed Gary. “Ring ring!” “Oh no the school bell it is time for the test I am not ready what should I do!” “Gary calm down I know you can do this once you start the test you will remember and you will do great.” Butterscotch as comforting as ever to her scared and nervous brother. Everyone took their seats in the classroom. “Ok class my name is Ms.Snailia and I am filling in today since Ms.Gastro is sick but she told me that you all were very excited for the test so I will hand them out and you can start.” As Ms.Snailia passed out the test everyone was going over last minute checklists in their head to make sure they had everything. Finally a test landed on Gary’s desk he quickly wrote his name on it and moved on to question one.“Ok question one what is 24  in  expanded form ?” “Well I know that since it is an exponet it means 2x2x2x2 so the answer is 16.”“Next question, simplify  this problem x2  + 3x2 - 42 , ok so all I have to do is add the like terms together and put the constant  at the end then my answer is 4x2 - 16.”  Soon everyone finished up their tests and got to go outside for break “Was it so scary Gary?” questioned Galaxy “Well no not as scary actually I think I did pretty good!” Gary replied “See I knew you would remember.” Butterscotch said giving him another high five. And so later that day when they got their tests back Gary had figured out that he needs to be more confident but also he should remember to study.                            

Algebraic expre
ssion = An algebra problem
Scientific notation = A way to abbreviate  a problem
Exponet = Abbreviation for multiplying a number by itself however many times
 Variable = A letter that represents value and can change
Coefficient =  The number that goes with the variable
Constant = A number that stands on it’s own
Term = Part of an equation
Substitute = A number that replaces for a variable
Expanded form = Written out all the way
Simplify = Writing a number in its simplest form
Like Terms = Same variable same 





Here are some hilarious math jokes   


 What did the mathematician eat on Halloween ? Pumpkin Pi







 I searched up on Google scary jack-o-lantern designs and I get this  

so scary!







I saw a guy walking out of class and I asked him what was wrong and he said...




Now time for the truth



"Did you do your math homework?"

"No I can't!"























Cool Little Things


1. Think of a number

2. Multiply by 4

3. Add 14

4. Divide by 2

5. Subtract 7

6. Divide by two again 






Dimensional Shapes 








.......WAIT FOR IT 



........WAIT FOR IT 











CAR Project













Correlations of 6th Grade Measurements




My Math Test Graphs




Welcome To My 7th Grade Year!


We Love Projects!






 Use these "Math Verbs" to help define word problems


Algebraic Expressions

Term: A number or a variable or the answer to a problem      ex. 6s-2= 4s  

Variable: A symbol for an unknown number, something that can change    ex. 4s

Constant: a number that is independent and can be represented by a letter. ex. s + 2= 7

Coefficient: A number multiplied by a variable    ex. 6s

Algebraic Expression: A group of terms that are equal to another constant


For example, variables could be red, constants could be blue, and coefficients could be orange.

Example Problem: 6s+2s +12=8s + 12


How to do it : To simplify an algebraic expression you need to combine the like- terms. If two terms have the same variable then you can combine them to make a new term. If a number is not a coefficient then it is already simplified unless there are two terms then you use the correct sign and add or subtract.


Another Example: 3e+ 6 + 7e + 9= 10e + 15

Have you ever done CODING?

Check Out my favorite game Lite Bot http://light-bot.com/hocflash.html

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                                        Check Out My Distributive Property Tutorial 






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Love your story! If its based on a true story, I'm butterscotch and your gary:)

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Question: If Jerry goes to the store and buys 4 cantaloupes for $4.56, what would the total price be???
Answer:Purple is the answer, because dogs don't like pumpkin pie.

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HA HA HA .... Purple the magic color

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ikr classic

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