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Page history last edited by Grace Evans 10 years, 8 months ago

                                                      This Is My Math Wiki Page, I Hope You Enkoj It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




 Algebraic Expression: 5x+2a+(4+6x)+  =    5x+2a+(10x)     2a+5x+10x    2a+15x











 #10   The Great Princess Key:Vocab-words


The body of my story is about a roly poly, named Princess. Princess wears a cute little pink and blue hat.  She  loves the  color blue, and cotton candy. She lives in a castle, the base of the castle is blue and the top of the castle is pink. She has power over all of the little roly polys in the the kingdom. her cloths   are simplified and made of luxurious silk.   She substitutes drab clothes for sunny-bright clothes. Her favorite Expression is peace and cupcakes! She has a lot of pet unicorns. The unicorns are sparkly and soft. Her favorite foods are pasta, cream cheese muffins, and Mrs. Ruble’s yummy desserts.  (She also notices her belly expand after she has eaten a meal. Princess is also very active, and she loves to play sports.

Every year she notices that her town has exponentially expanded.  The roly poly’s of the town are kind and are very friendly to Princess because she is friendly to them. Princess, in return distributes a very fair amount of kindness back to everyone in her village. She constantly is out and about talking to her friends and playing on the villages playground. One day she stumbled upon a n interesting equation, a  Unicorn + a Fairy, it was a very pretty site she thought, and decided to call the new creature a Pegasus. The Pegasus, she named Cutie and was her very best friend on earth, (even though being a princess she had many friends.
One day she and her pet Pegasus were doing their math homework and the instructions were to use Exponents and variables to spell your name. She thought since Princess has 8 letters and it starts with a P, she would write it like P^8. Then the expanded form for the problem would be princess to the eight power. The Great princess went on to live and got a scholarship at Harvard for math and is a legendary Princess and an amazing mathematician.  




Car Pro-Pro


silver beetle






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Grace Evans said

at 8:32 pm on Oct 29, 2012

Grace Evans said

at 8:32 pm on Oct 29, 2012

Hello, do you guy's like m wiki page?:)

Angus E said

at 11:48 am on Oct 30, 2012

you should have made the pi moister, it would be
3.14159265mi long.

Connors A. said

at 11:51 am on Oct 30, 2012


Sabrina Navarro said

at 9:27 pm on Nov 1, 2012

hahaha i lot your pictures

Morgan said

at 8:53 am on Nov 3, 2012

luv the pics gracie!!!!! :)

Julie Reulbach said

at 10:35 am on Nov 24, 2013

Hey Gracie, You're algebraic expression is incorrect. 5x+2a+(4+6x) = 11x + 2a + 4. You can't add the 4 and the 6x because the 4 doesn't have an x.

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