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Page history last edited by Ashley H. 10 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to my Math Wiki Page! I love math because there is one answer and once you make one connection, all the other things make sense. My favorite thing in Math class is playing games because you are having fun while learning!! 



Here is my Animal Story



My super sonic snail!


By: Ashley Huff

Chapter 1

This snail is not an ordinary one of the exponential other snails in the garden. He has a special power. He can turn ANYTHINGS   base into pistachio flavored jello. This makes all of his enemies turn and run away in disgust. One of their terms are “ He is disgusting, STAY AWAY!!!!” Another expression is “ eeeeeewwww.” As I said this little guy (preferred to be called biggy) is a VERY special snail.  Biggy worked for an agency called IABW ( It’s a Big World).
           If  you call “ WE ARE US AND US NEEDS HELP!” You may be stuck into a daze of snail fighting power by your very own…… Biggy! Biggy’s main power is also evaluation. He can you at you and find your main weakness in 3 seconds! Some people call it a constant evaluation and others don’t even know what hit’em!

Chapter 2

Biggy was a very kind soul. He was a substitute at the local snailementary school. He also distributed food at the local soup kitchen. One day he could not find his glasses. He used another hidden power and made it go to its expanded form! That probably just blew you away right there because this snail is AWESOME!
     Just when he got to the office ( disguised as Tiny) he got a superscript! This is called a superscript because it is super and it symbolizes that he has a mission. this mission was not your usual good guy saves bad guy mission. This called for........
THE YELLOW SUBMARINE!!! ( as sung by The Beatles).Right as Biggy stepped into the submarine you could faintly hear a voice coming from a grinning man softly laughing and saying “ You poor snail. You’re not going much longer... MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Chapter 3

       Biggy was safely simplifiying the machine to work to his strengths when all of the sudden, he got a SUBSCRIPT!!!! This was like a superscript but,was sent to Biggy in Sunny. (He named his submarine Sunny). It took about 5 hours to get to HQ because Biggy was busy doing his homework on Scientific Notation.

        Once he got to HQ Medium (Biggys little brother) gave Biggy a HUGE hug (considering he is only medium size). Biggy shook him off and  went to see I.G.G.Y. ( Incomplete, Goofed up,Gadgets, Y not use them?) Biggy found 4 relly cool I.G.G.Y.s. One of them has a laser,jet fighting,sidekick,buttkick, ROBOT!!! The other one was a evil man with a weird grin! Creepy right!!

   Then all of the sudden he heard his SUPER SONIC WATCH TALK!!!! ( it only talks when he has a mission so he was pretty excited). It said, “ Biggy YOUR MISSION IS TO DEFEAT THE EVIL MAN WHO CAN NEVER STOP GRINNING BECAUSE OF A CURSE. DO YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT? Of course Biggy said yes but then he heard the watch ( Known as Hector) say, “ ThIS MESSAGE WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN LESS THEN 2.00 SECONDS. IF  YOU DO NOT FEED ME JELLO I WILL DESTRUCT!!! Then of course Biggy put 2 and 2 together, solved the equation and turned the watch into pistachio flavored jello. Now time to trap that grinning man!!

      Chapter 4


AHA! IVE GOT YOU NOW!!!!  Biggy has finally won!!!  The grinning man has lost and he seems kind of like a variable because he is a part of an equation but is unknown to this day.When Biggy was asked he said “All in a days work”

The grinning man just Grinned.


Exponent- repeated multiplacation - growth
Base- on the bottom
Power- how you say exponent
Expanded Form- A way to break up a number to show how much each digit in the number represents?
Scientific Notation- An abrieviation of numbers
Superscript- exponent superman
Evaluate- to form an idea of the amount, number, or value of
Subscript- a letter figure or symbol written below, beneath, or beside a number
Distribute- To give, hand out, or share something
Simplify- Make smaller
Term- A number or variable
Constant- A number on its own. Never changes
Variable- A letter that represents a value and can change
Substitute- A person or thing serving in the place of another
Expression- Numbers, symbols, and operators grouped together that show the value of something
Equation- A statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal indicated by an equal sign































                                                                                    But Y? 



                                                                  MIND BLOWN!!!!

















                        My Car Project! 




My Dream Car=   A BMW 650l xdrive convertible                             


My Reasonable Car= A 2013 Dart SXT FWD          



How I Spend My Time!! - Thursdays!                    




                                                                                                                                     POSITIVE CORRELATION!!!


Here is my Test Pie Chart!!!                                                   Here is my Pie Chart- Survey Data







Population Project!



Name(s): Leila and Ashley

Date: September 17th, 2013

Title: Operation Population *Pssst Its a secret!


Countries: The Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Qatar.

Big Question: How does where a country is affect its population over time?

Hypothesis: We think the Netherlands will have the most stable population over time. We think this because all of the other countries has a problem with the geography of it.


Findings: (Double Spaced)


Insert GapMinder Graph Screenshots


Links to animated GapMinder Graphs




Conclusions: (Double Spaced)

  Our conclusion was that where a country is does affect its population. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country and had an inflation, Cuba had a tropical storm that affected over 2,500,000 people, and The Netherlands had many minor accidents that decreased their population. This helps prove our hypothesis correct because we predicted that the geographical location of a country does affect its population growth. These are all examples to prove our hypothesis correct. We also predicted that The Netherlands would have just a normal population downfall whereas Zimbabwe and Cuba both had problems with their geographical locations.



Please type the sites that you used to find out your information.







What I liked about this project:

Leila- I liked how we got to choose our own question and countries.

Ashley- I liked how we got to have a totally different project than someone else because of the many choices.

What I would improve about this project:

Leila- I would improve our choice of countries. If we could have had more time we could have a country that we had a greater interest in what happened to it’s population.

Ashley- I would improve the fact where we didn't have to do a Presentation. I really liked how Leila and I made a way to present our project.




Our Powerpoint! This just explains everything we did visually :)



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megan said

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ummm just asking where are your vocal words in the story?

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Katie Combs said

at 8:04 pm on Nov 1, 2012

Katie Combs said

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hahaha supersonic snails...... :)

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at 8:51 am on Nov 3, 2012

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Morgan said

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cool colors

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at 8:45 am on Nov 8, 2012

Why is Leila's life chart on your page???

Ashley H. said

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Sorry I ment to put mine

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at 5:41 pm on Nov 16, 2012

life chart?

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at 8:49 pm on Nov 16, 2012

I love your pictures ashley

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at 12:29 pm on Nov 22, 2012

nice angles pic!

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at 4:01 pm on Feb 20, 2013

luv your page and all the colors fuun

Ally Fleming said

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