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Page history last edited by Alex Reulbach 10 years, 8 months ago

Hi, my name is Alex Reulbach and I love Math.Math is one of my FAVORITE subjects.

I love Math because it will give me great opportunities in my future.

This is my Math wiki page. Enjoy!!!! :)



War of the Crickets


By:Alex Reulbach

King Chirp sat on the base of his throne with a troubled expression on his face. The Mantid army was coming in exponential numbers and he couldn’t think of any evaluation to get himself out of this huge problem. You see, a couple weeks ago a young Mantis,second instar, came into Cricket territory by mistake. This constant problem called for law to do something about it. The law said that if this were to happen then you would need to carefully bring the young Mantis back to the Mantid territory. The problem was that the guard crickets had a little too much Lemon Mint. The effect was a little too powerful. The guards grabbed the young mantis and cut his legs off while the poor thing was still alive. When the Mantids heard about this they were enraged that King Chirp was as indolent to let this pass right through his fingertips. To please the Mantids he hung the guards and substituted them with more experienced guards. He thought about his life in office and decided that if they didn’t get eaten or turned into Mantis slaves he would resign from his post, for he thought that instead of kings there should be presidents with terms of 4 years long. Now the only thing they could do was prepare for a battle that was impossible to win. Wait, there was one solution to this problem. His expression turned to one of delight as he remembered the Katydids. Their kingdom was much larger than ours. To simplify things for you they had a much better military than ours. Their main soldiers was the Red Eyed Devils, four inch long hulking Katydids with spikes all over their body meant for grasping prey and eating the prey with their giant mandibles. The Red Eyed Devil will then distribute the prey among his comrades. King Chirp called the Katydids up to ask for help, they said they would help if the Crickets gave them a little more land. The Crickets said yes, I mean what else could they lose. The Crickets were then ready, ready for the imminent battle to come. Until then, they could only wait and hope. To be continued...


Vocab Definitions

1.) BASE-is the number that is being repeatedly multiplied.
2.) EXPONENT-is repeated multiplication (growth).
3.) EVALUATE-to find the value.
4.) CONSTANT-is a number on its own, it never changes.
5.) POWER-is how many times you repeat the base.
6.) SUBSTITUTE-is when you take something out and put  
    something in.
7.) TERM-a number or a variable.
8.) ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSION-is the whole thing, consists
    of one or more variables.           
9.) SIMPLIFY-to put a number in its basic form.
10.) DISTRIBUTE-gives or shares something.









Car Project

Dream Car: Aston Martin 2013 Zagato

Total Price: $659,228

Monthly Payments: $13,734



Realistic Car: 2008 Pontiac Solstice

Total Price: $21,524

Monthly Payments: $448

Sports People Play In 6th Grade





How Students Studied For The Multiplication Facts Test Pie Chart



7th Grade




Population Project 




Name(s):Jack Hager, Alex Reulbach


Date: 9/17/13


Title: The Decline of Lung Cancer Deaths in the 1980’s


Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia


Big Question: Why did the number of deaths from lung cancer per 100,00 men decline in the 1980’s?


Hypothesis: We think that lung cancer went down because the main reason for lung cancer was smoking. When people figured out that smoking was bad for them, and causes cancer, people started to stop.


Findings: (Double Spaced)


In 1964, they discovered that smoking was bad for your health, and released it to the public. That probably sparked the decline of smoking. A year later, a law was made that required smoking companies to label cigarettes with a health warning. A few year later in 1969, a ban came out restricting the advertisement of cigarettes. Three years later, in 1972, another report came out telling of the dangers of secondhand smoke. When people realized that smoking could kill you, the amount of lung cancer deaths started to go down. Another reason is that as medical treatment got better, doctors were able to identify lung cancer quicker so they could get the cancer out before it spread.


Insert GapMinder Graph Screenshots




Links to animated GapMinder Graphs




Conclusions: (Double Spaced)


Since smoking was the main reason people got lung cancer, the amount of deaths went down, because they started to understand the fact that smoking is bad for your health. New medical technology also helped in the decline of lung cancer deaths in men.




Please type the sites that you used to find out your information.












What I liked about this project: We enjoyed researching and learning about a subject we had never really studied. We also enjoyed using Gapminder for the project. I also liked the fact that i could relate to the problem of lung cancer, because my granddad had it.


What I would improve about this project: We would like the number of countries you could choose to be bigger.









Term- A term is a number, variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together- 2x

Variable- A variable is a symbol to show a number that you do not know yet- x

Constant- Is a number that does not change but stays the same in the whole equation- +9

Coefficient- A coefficient is a number that you multiply by the variable- 2

Algebraic Expression- An algebraic expression is an expression that contains numbers and variables- 2x-4p+5

You add the variables to the variables, or subtract the variables to the variables. Although the variables have to be the same to add, subtract, multiply, or divide them. It is the same with constants.

5p+8+2p-6          7p+2




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Julie Reulbach said

at 1:46 pm on Oct 29, 2012

Hi Alex! I love the pictures! Good job adding pictures.

Connors A. said

at 11:42 am on Oct 30, 2012

i like your story and your pic

Morgan said

at 4:05 pm on Oct 30, 2012

i like the second pic. so true!

Angus E said

at 5:07 pm on Oct 30, 2012

I like the Jedi Hamlet!

Alex Reulbach said

at 7:29 am on Nov 1, 2012

Alex Reulbach said

at 7:29 am on Nov 1, 2012

Thanks for the nice things you are saying about my wiki page!!!!! :)

Angus E said

at 8:31 pm on Nov 1, 2012

You are welcome!

Julie Reulbach said

at 1:52 pm on Nov 24, 2013

Please re-read direction number 6 on your Google Doc for the Algebraic Expressions project.

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