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The Coordinate Plane

Page history last edited by Julie Reulbach 8 years, 8 months ago

Please follow these instructions after your test.


1.  First watch this video.  

The Coordinate Plane Video


2.  Then work on this problem set.  If you need help, you can watch a Khan Academy video (the link is on the same page.)

Graphing Points 1


3.  Do this assignment, it is not a quiz.


4.  Once you are finished check with me and I will tell you if you are in Group A or Group B.


Group A - Please start with #1 below.

Group B - You may skip #1 and #2.  Go to #3 below.



1.  Interactive Tutorial - Click on things to learn about them.  There are TWO pages, please go through them both.


2.  Coordinate Graph Interactive Quiz 


3.  Pick a game to play!  Group B begins here.


4.  Another Quiz if you want to check your progress.   Coordinate Graph Check  or you can redo your Khan set Graphing Points 1 .


5.  Once you are finished playing games, you may see Mrs. Reulbach for the Graphing Picture Project Sheet.


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