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Fix Learning And Grow!


Welcome to our FLAG page!

Receiving a FLAG does not mean that you are not doing well or are "in trouble" in my class.  I expect that every student in our class will receive at least one FLAG this year.  If you receive a FLAG, it means that I have identified an area where you can improve.  Please take these FLAGs seriously.  The more work you do to address your FLAG, the more you can grow in my class.  Just keep in mind that receiving a FLAG is an opportunity to Fix your Learning And Grow!  


When you receive a FLAG:

  1. Fill out the FLAG page in your notebook (at home in the evening).
  2. Click here to fill out the FLAG Form on the wiki. 
  3. Record your support actions on your FLAG page in your notebook
  4. When your FLAG is waived, bring your notebook to me to sign your flag page.


** I will also be checking your FLAG page to ensure that you are making progress.


There are several different FLAGs you can receive:

  1. Academic Flag (A) - specific areas to address on reassessments, quizzes, or tests and in-class understandings.
  2. Homework Flag (H) - incomplete or missing homework
  3. Organizational Flag (O) - incomplete concepts sheet, GRS, notebook
  4. Computer Flag (C) - need additional assistance with computer hardware or software 
  5. Absence/Tardy Flag (AT) - catch up needed from absences/tardies 



FLAG Support  FLAG Waived
Academic FLAGs    
Pre-Assessment Improved grade on assessments
Quiz or Test Grade (75 or below) Improved grade on next assessment
Multiplication - Scores below 70% on multiplication quizzes 5 minute nightly practice needed.  Find resources on the Concepts Help Page. Subsequent score greater than 85%
Average Grade (70 or below)
  • Parent Contact
  • Access Concepts Help Page for additional support 
  • GWT 
  • After School Help
  • Tutor Recommended
Raise Average Grade

In-Class Understanding (Self or teacher determined)

  • Difficulty with in-class questions
  • Inaccurate mathematical vocabulary
  • Incomplete process (may have correct answers but incorrect processes)


  • Access Concepts Help Page for nightly homework
  • Visit Homework Hotline 
  • GWT (as needed)
As needed

Homework FLAG (H)

Missing, Incomplete, Processes (work) not shown, Notes not taken, GDocs not completed.

GWT to complete missing or incomplete homework assignments.  Consult the Concepts Help Page if you are having trouble finishing assignments. Consistent and thorough homework completion.

Organization FLAG (O)

 Concepts Sheet, GRS (Grade Record Sheet), or Math notebook incomplete or unorganized.  Frequent lost homework.

GWT or After school Complete GRS or Concepts Sheet

Computer FLAG (C)

 Insufficient Computer Skills

GWT or After school As needed

Absence/Tardy FLAG (AT)

 Greater than 2 absences or tardies in a row 

  • GWT or After school - Pick one student to come with you who has complete notes for you to copy.
  • Visit Concepts Help Page for extra help on topics you have trouble understanding.
Caught up on all in-class notes and project work. 



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