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Solving Equations Help Page

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Khan - Equations Problem Set


"Hands On Equations" iPad app ($4.99)


Solving Equations Online Manipulatives



*** When you watch the videos, have pencil and paper out so you can work the problems with the video! 


One-Step Equations:

  1. Watch this:  Simple Equations
  2. Try these:  Linear Equations 1


 Book Videos and Practice Problems:











After you MASTER Linear Equations 1, then try Multi-Step Equations

  1. Video:  Equations 2
  2. Problem Set:  Linear Equations 2
  3. Video:  Equations 3
  4. Problem Set:  Algebra: Linear Equations 4


Equation Games:



Dance Steps To Solving An Equation

6th Grade Preforms "Dance Steps to Solving an Equation"



First you clear your fractions,
LCD and CLAW action


Then you distribute,
you do the claw scoot


Then you simplify,
your hands up in the sky


So you combine like terms
do the squirm


Add and subtract, x terms alone on one side

So take a step back and do a big slide


Multiply and divide, the answer you will learn,
you jump to the left and do a full turn


Now check check check ch-check check check 



VIDEO - this will not be exact as I changed our words some...







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