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Jeans SOLVE IT The Woodlawn School

Page history last edited by Julie Reulbach 11 years, 11 months ago

My class is composed of 6th grade students at The Woodlawn School in Davidson, North Carolina.  My students calculated the average by hand as well as with Google Spreadsheets.  They then created Wiki Pages to submit their findings.  


Their work was published in the Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School periodical.  

Click below to read the article.



Their wiki pages are:



Photo by Jake Johnson


In addition, to see all of their original work, data sheets, and graphs, their Google Spreadsheet can be found here:

Jeans Google Spreadsheet


Julie Reulbach

Blog: http://ispeakmath.wordpress.com/


6th Grade Math Teacher

The Woodlawn School

Twitter: @jreulbach





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