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Hand washing

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Germs and Data...

How Many Seconds Do You Have To Wash Your Hand to Get Rid Of Most Of the GERMS???


The graphs below illustrate our "hand germ" data.  


We started out with VERY germ covered hands (at 100% germs) and 0 seconds (we had not washed our hands yet).


After applying germ lotion, the students washed their hands for 5 seconds.  We then analyzed their hands with the black light and estimated the percent of germs left on their hands.  We repeated this procedure 3 more times, until the students had washed their hands for a total of 20 seconds.


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Our Findings?


  • It took approximately 20 seconds to eliminate 90% of the germs on most of the students hands.
  • Most of the girls were able to get their germ percent down to under 5%, while most of the boys seemed to get "stuck" at around 10%.
  • When shining the black light around we noticed how many "germs" they had transferred to their faces and the door handles.  Yuck! 





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