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My favorite thing about math is our teacher Mrs.Reulbach.  She's an awesome math teacher.  We have so much fun in

our class.  We make songs, play games, and just have a good time.












6th Grade "How I Spend My Time" I learned a lot about using google docs.  I now feel like I'm a professional 
The Fraction Song!      
  6th Grade "Fabulous Food" During the fabulous food project I learned just how unhealthy eating out is.  My meal had nearly 3 times the daily serving I was supposed to have. 


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ellen said

at 11:08 am on Nov 5, 2010

Yo Matt nice page

ava b. said

at 11:09 am on Nov 5, 2010


AJ RIzzo said

at 11:10 am on Nov 5, 2010

hi matt

charlotte Berl said

at 11:13 am on Nov 5, 2010

Awesomenis websiteisnessnisnes yodeling pickle pickles rule!!!

Matt Childers said

at 11:38 am on Nov 5, 2010


Julian (is pretty awesome) said

at 11:40 am on Nov 5, 2010

Hey matt. Guess Who??

Matt Childers said

at 11:55 am on Nov 5, 2010


Matt Childers said

at 4:28 pm on Nov 5, 2010


Matt Childers said

at 4:46 pm on Nov 5, 2010


charlotte Berl said

at 2:57 pm on Nov 17, 2010


Matt Shaw said

at 6:40 pm on Nov 19, 2010

wats up childer's?

ava b. said

at 11:26 am on Apr 1, 2011

hey matt! wat up??? u havent been on ur page in a very long time...

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