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7th Projects

Page history last edited by Julie Reulbach 10 years, 4 months ago

Welcome to our 7th Grade Project Page! 


Spring Trimester Projects

We have been hard at work this spring on Concept Help Pages and Architecture.

Concepts Help Page - Student created resource pages.  These pages include instructional videos, worked examples, interactive problems, and fun math games!


Winter Trimester Projects

Here are the more interesting projects that we worked on in the Winter Trimester.  Explore the links and enjoy!



Fall Trimester Projects

We have had so much fun this trimester creating amazing projects and learning new technology to strengthen our mathematics skills!  


Highlights of this trimester:




  • Slope Man (pics on their wiki pages) 
  • Math Wiki pages!  


Please click on your a student's name below to see the Math Wiki Page that they created!


Leela W   AriannaH   MichaelK  
DavisC   ALEX_W   MorganK   JohnR  
GreyF   EmilyK   NatalieB   AllyA  
TaylorS  BurnsK  MattS  DrewH 



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