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6th Projects

Page history last edited by Julie Reulbach 10 years, 4 months ago

Welcome to our 6th Grade Project Page!  


Spring Trimester Projects


Winter Trimester Projects

Here are the more interesting projects that we worked on in the Winter Trimester.  Explore the links and enjoy!



Fall Trimester Projects

We have had so much fun this trimester creating amazing projects and learning new technology!  


Highlights of this trimester:

  • Working together on Google Documents for evening help on the Reulbach Hotline
  • Survey Says!  Students surveyed people, analyzed the data, and made charts in Google Docs. 
  • 6th Grade sings the "Fraction Song" 
  • How I Spend My Time Pie Chart or Bar Graph made in Google Documents (pictures on their wiki pages)
  • Math Wiki page created by each 6th grader that displays their work! 


Please click on a student's name below to see the Math Wiki Page that they created!

ElliottA CharlotteB AvaB  MattC AnsleyE
Harrison H   JAKE J  
CallieM ChrisM  RachelN   AbbeyP  JulianR
SavannahR  AJR   ElizaR  eRiCaR
MerrittS Erin T  KristinV AmeilaW StevenH  




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